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MS Paint Porn is an institution founded on a noble goal: the propagation of an art form that, in the hands of the right artists, can lead to erotic bliss for all. Yes, the joy of minimalism. It's enough to get anybody's genitals throbbing with PURE EROTIC ENERGY. More than porn, MS Paint Porn is the very manifestation of all that humanity can hope to be. Whether in the ancient and arousing Doggy Style Anal Butt Slut or in a more recent work such as Lustful Peranghytite, truth is to be found within the collection of this site.

Originally the solitary work of one devoted artist, MS Paint Porn has since its conception blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, now offering user-submitted pornography from such diverse locales as the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, and Finland. Who could have predicted that such a simple (though, admittedly, highly arousing) idea could become the new love of the world? But the answer should be obvious now that hindsight can show us the one path of the divine plan. The people recognized the pure ideals behind the dream and spread the word. Starting with small independents like Grouse! on up to such giants as College Humor and The Stile Project, websites began to link and discuss this newcomer to the stage of global pornography. The masses believed, and the dream was realized.

MS Paint Porn encourages all readers to support the good cause in many ways. Be it submitting your own porn or telling your friends and family, any effort is a help to the great mission of MS Paint Porn. Rejoice and be glad, for though blessings might have come to pass now, the golden age is yet to come.

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